Tori Rogness - General Member

Tori is in the College of Biological Sciences pursuing a neuroscience major and public health minor. She is currently working on a research project studying the effects of amyloid-beta on RPE cells in tissue cultures. She also works as a nursing assistant at University of Minnesota Medical Center in the neuroscience unit. This year, she will be a Sophomore Guild Leader for the Nature of Life course for CBS freshman.

What is one problem or issue you would like to address as a physician?

One huge issue I would love to address as a physician is the issue of health literacy. Doctors have gone through extensive and rigorous schooling and often don't realize what is or isn't jargon to their patients. I observe this issue all the time at the neighborhood clinic I volunteer at, and the importance of understanding the differing needs of patients cannot be understated. In the context of healthcare, medication compliance, trust in providers, and proper application of instructions will drastically increase if physicians are able to understand the needs of their patient populations. Spending the time to make sure patients understand directions is a significant and often overlooked area of healthcare that I would like to correct as a physician!