Surbhi Sarup - General Member

Surbhi is a sophomore in the College of Biological Sciences pursuing a degree in Biology and minoring in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. She is a certified sexual assault crisis counselor and volunteers with The Aurora Center as a Violence Prevention Educator. She is also a certified EMT, the Treasurer for the Harry Potter Literature Club (which is a lot of fun), and a member of the President's Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program. When she isn't drowning in homework, she can be found watching T.V. (like a lot of it), watching movies, or reading a good book. 


What are you passionate about?

Surbhi is extremely passionate about women's health. Her involvement with The Aurora Center has shown her a valuable way of serving people and she wants to continue that in the future. Her intention behind minoring in Gender, Women, and Sexuality studies is to bring a sensitivity to her future (potential) work as an OB/GYN. She is dedicated to having an awareness of the social determinants of health and find a way to implement a method to making all of her patients feel valid and safe. She also gets really heated about the representation of people of color in media.