Shenar Dinkha - general member 

Shenar is in the College of Biological Sciences majoring in genetics, cell biology, and development. She works in a research lab in the Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building, and has played volleyball competitively since 7th grade. She loves playing and tries to play whenever she can. She also enjoys cooking and baking. Whenever she's at home, she always helps out her mom in the kitchen, and when her mom isn't in the kitchen she loves to explore different desserts that she can make.

What is a problem or issue in health care that you're interested in or would like to address as a physician? 

"The biggest issue that I see in healthcare that is something that I would like to address is the unequal access to high quality health care. Around the globe, and even in the US, many people do not get access to the health care that they need. This is something that is being addressed and needs to be solved. I look forward to combating this problem as a physician and always working towards equality within health care."