Shenar Dinkha - Vice President of Finances

Shenar is a Junior majoring in genetics, cell biology, and development and does not plan on pursuing any minors. She's involved in a research lab at the Cancer and Cardiovascular Research center that works primarily with mice that have an array of muscular diseases as well as some types of cancers. Shenar also volunteers at SIM portal which contains many simulation dummys that are used to train medical students and professionals. Outside of medicine, Shenar enjoys cooking, reading, and playing volleyball.

What is a problem or issue in health care that you're interested in or would like to address as a physician? 

What interests Shenar the most in healthcare is learning about the social determinants of health. In the past and even now, many physicians treat the symptoms of a problem rather than the actual problem. When a person's sickness is a result of bad living conditions, medicine to treat them will only work for the duration of the medication and will most likely return because of the living environment. Shenar is interested to learn more about this aspect of healthcare and understand ways they can be solved. In additions, Shenar is interested in using simulation dummys for educating students and professionals. In SIM portal she is able to see this hands on learning in action and learn the benefits of simulating medical emergencies for students and professionals.