Zakariya Hussein -  Vice President of Public Relations

The Vice President of Public Relations is responsible for ensuring that the group is known and that its efforts do not go unnoticed, and help advertise special MML events around campus. Overall, the position serves the members of MML and the larger university community by promoting the activities and goals of the group and help in the recruitment of new members.

Zak is a senior in the College of Biological Sciences studying biochemistry and serves as the Vice President of Public Relations. Zak has interests in pursuing a master’s degree in public health once accepted into an MD program. He is an undergraduate researcher at the Brain Injury Research Lab located at Hennepin County Medical Center and has clinical interests in neurosurgery, preventative medicine, and healthcare disparities. Outside of academia, Zak enjoys spending time with his family and enjoys going outdoors…when it’s not freezing.

What is a problem or issue in health care that you're interested in or would like to address as a physician?

“Issues in health care I would address as a physician would have to be in health disparities. In the United States, we like to boast about our strengths in various fields of technology, medicine, and overall science, however our health care system and specifically our health care delivery system is unfortunately broken. African Americans have the worst healthcare outcomes compared to any other racial or ethnic group since the beginnings of medicine. As a first generation African American I’ve seen and encountered these racial disparities and desire to minimize the effects to the patients I hope to have the privilege of serving in the future.”