Mike vogel --  Alumni

Mike is in the College of Education and Human Development majoring in Kinesiology. Mike works at a group home for adults with autism, in a lab focused on cystic fibrosis, and volunteers at the University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital on West Bank.

In his free time, Mike likes to exercise, whether it's resistance training, running, hiking, or swimming. He also likes to participate in sports such as football, wrestling, and volleyball. Mike likes to watch movies and TV shows ("counterproductive I know, but I really get into them"), and enjoys playing card and board games. Mike is hoping to eventually become a Sports Medicine Orthopedic surgeon. His dream is to be the Sports Medicine Doctor for the USA Olympic Wrestling team.

Was there ever a time when you questioned your desire to go into medicine, and if so, what have you learned since then?

"The only time I really questioned going into medicine was when I was touring colleges while in high school. I started looking up medical school costs, and I thought that the financial costs of medicine would be too much for me to manage. So, I changed my pursued major to Engineering. When I got accepted to the U, I realized that I would not be happy doing engineering, because while I had been pretty good at math, I did not enjoy it. I looked back to when I had seen a Sports Medicine Doctor my senior year of wrestling in high school, and thought about how he gave me the hope that I would be back before the end of the year, and I realized that was what I wanted. I wanted to give people with ailments/injuries the hope that they would recover, and that they would get back to their lives again. I also realized that while the costs of medical school and the like where high, the payoff of giving people the hope that he gave me would be more than worth it in the end. So, I guessed what I learned was that you cant let your fears stop you from pursuing your dreams (cheesy I know, but it's still true). "