Matthew Freeman -- President

The President is responsible for coordinating our biweekly meetings, acting as a liaison between the group, the University and all outside organizations, and uniting the vision of our officers and membership.

In addition to being President, Matt is a sophomore in the College of Biological Sciences pursuing a double major in neuroscience and microbiology. He is currently an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the U of M Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Masonic Cancer Research Center, and spends most of his volunteer time working for the Boy Scouts. Matt loves to be part of lots of clubs and organizations at the U, and currently, he is on the CBS Student Board, the Microbiology Club, and the Nordic Ski Club.

What is a problem or issue in health care that you would like to address as a physician?

"What interests me most about medicine is the versatility it has to help people in many forms, whether it is research or in a clinical setting. My current concern is that in medicine, this given flexibility, is not utilized to the extent it should be for underrepresented populations, such as rural populations. Someday, I would like to use my education and knowledge to assist these people on an individual scale and develop personal relationships."