mateo frumholtz -- General member

Mateo is in the College of Biological Sciences pursuing a major in biochemistry. He is a Sophomore Guild Leader for the Nature of Life course in which he helps freshmen make the transition to college - specifically to CBS life. He volunteers at the University of Minnesota hospital every Sunday where he rounds on the unit interacting with patients, seeing if they need anything, and making sure they are comfortable. He also answers phone calls and manages the front desk when no one else can be there.

Mateo is an officer in the Outdoors club, which organizes events and creates a community for students interested in backpacking, camping, hiking, or doing any outdoor activities. For this club he is in charge of social media, finance, meeting planning, and opportunity outreach.

He also climbs at the Recreation and Wellness Center in his free time, and if you ever want to go there with him, let him know!

What is the most meaningful experience you’ve had as a pre-medical student thus far?

"So far, the most meaningful experience for me has been working at a Nursing home for almost 5 years. Here I performed many jobs butbasically it was all about patient care and ensuring they are comfortable. It was very rewarding because having interest in Medicine, I naturally want to help them, but I don't know how to so I have to seek other methods to comfort them. This really developed my patient communication skills and how I approached different situations, which I know will come in handy in future healthcare situations.”