Kaila thatcher --  VP of Recruitment

The Vice President of Recruitment is responsible for recruiting new members to our group. The VP of Recruitment helps advertise our application throughout the year and organizes a committee for application review and interviews.

Kaila is a junior in the College of Biological Sciences pursuing a major in genetics, cell biology, and development, and a minor in psychology. She works as the Orono Community Education Seasonal Assistant Director, and as a TA for PSTL 1131. She volunteers at the Masonic Children's Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, she is a Math Advantage Charity Tutor, and is a Jumpstart Screens Volunteer for MVNA. Kaila conducts research as an undergraduate assistant in Dr. Tim Starr's cancer and genetics laboratory.

Kaila has a passion for working with children, and she tries to incorporate this in everything she does. She also loves to read, spend time with family and friends, travel, play the violin, and work out.

What is a problem or issue in health care that you would like to address as a physician?

"I am very interested in the anti-vaccine movement and would like to address this problem as a pediatrician someday. I have seen this problem first hand while shadowing an infectious disease pediatrician, and I believe that if I go into this specialty, I will have to be prepared for this problem to come up quite often. The trickiest part will be communicating how important vaccines are to my patient's family despite all the negative social media attention arising around this issue."