James fleming  --  Alumni

James is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts majoring in physiology. He conducts research in the Blood Bank and Transfusion Center at the UMMC and in the Halberg Chronobiology Center. He has also volunteered as an organic chemistry tutor and a research assistant in the Visible Heart Lab.

In his free time, James likes to play piano, hike, bike, collect agates, cook, travel, and do portrait photography. James is a professional photographer for Shari Fleming Photography, and enjoys seeing others truly happy during portrait shoots.

What is the most meaningful experience you've had as a pre-medical student thus far?

"I feel that my involvement in research for the Blood Bank Laboratory has significantlyinfluenced my pre-medical experience for several reasons. It has caused a cascading series of interest that pushes me to delve deeper in my questions in the greater field of medicine. The processes of data pulling, performing analysis, and publishing for the greater body of medical practitioners is the foundation of my work; but also, my ability to accurately relay information and communicate face-to-face has grown. In large, following through with projects has given me a sense of responsibility to seek answers in my own field of interest."