Preparing Future Physicians to Innovate and Creating Lifelong Friendships

Minnesota Medical Leaders is a University of Minnesota-based student organization committed to building leaders for tomorrow’s healthcare system. Our ultimate goal is to help our members become the most knowledgeable, empathetic, and innovative future physicians they can be by immersing them in a tightly-knit community of students with which they will collaborate, learn, and develop lifelong friendships. We seek to cultivate academic excellence, pursue meaningful experiences with our surrounding community, and represent a group of people who are eager to devote their lives to the challenges of tomorrow’s medical field.

Each of our members is highly involved on campus and throughout the surrounding community, engaging in research, social work, various forms of medical service, international volunteering, and shadowing. Being exposed to such a high-energy environment gives our members many opportunities to both have novel experiences and bring their own ideas to life. We draw on our unique passions and skill sets to enrich one another’s understanding of academia, society, and life's experiences.

Minnesota Medical Leaders regularly hosts activities, speakers, and events. To hear about upcoming events, 'like' us on Facebook at or follow us on Instagram @mnmedicalleaders . Feel free to explore our website to learn more about the group, and if you have any questions email us at