Hamdi Sheikhsaid -- VP of Member Development

The Vice President of Member Development creates educational material and workshops that are used to develop our skills and better prepare students to apply to medical school confidently.

Hamdi is a junior in the College of Liberal Arts majoring in physiology, and she works at Dr. Giesler's lab in the department of Neuroscience, which deals with somatic sensory processing; pain and itch. She also volunteers at Franklin Library at a youth development program geared to work with youth in developing confidence, leadership and communication skills.

In her free time, Hamdi loves to swim, bake, read books and watch Netflix.
What is the most meaningful experience you've had as a pre-medical student thus far?

"In regular science classes and labs, we learn a strict way of doing things. However, I learned in my research lab that is not how things are done in research. You plan and try, and if you fail, you find another way of doing things. Brainstorming and experimenting is a big part of learning. Working in a research lab taught me that failing is a chance of doing things again, this time around, a little better."