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Hafsa mohamud - general member

Hafsa is in the College of Biological Sciences majoring in neuroscience. She is currently doing research in Ann Masten's Resilience Lab. She also does data entry and data collection in a People Serving People shelter near campus. Hafsa works as an intern at her local St. Paul District over the summer where she helps out youth organizers with conducting meetings and engaging our youth council members by planning events and important discussions.

What is a problem or issue in health care that you're interested in or would like to address as a physician?

"One problem in healthcare that I am passionate about is health disparities. I learned in my AHS class that your health condition is shockingly more dependent on your zip code rather than your genetic code. This disparity is evident in low-income communities where infant mortality and disease rates are higher than areas that are better off. The issue I would love to address is how we can have an impact outside of our clinical walls. Low income areas have less access to proper medical care especially in underrepresented communities. There is also a lot more distrust of physicians in such areas. One reason for this distrust is the shortage of colored doctors that represent these patients. Because of this, one of my goals in becoming a physician is making a connection with the younger generation in the hopes of uplifting and innovating both our communities and the healthcare system."