What does MML do?

We help prepare students to apply to medical school with MCAT prep-course discounts, mock AMCAS applications, mock interviews, mentoring, and an experiential learning database.  We work to better our community through awareness events, volunteering, and fundraising. Each meeting brings members to a higher level of awareness with respect to current topics in the healthcare industry, personal development, and member confidence.


I have never heard of MML. What is it?

Minnesota Medical Leaders (MML) is a non-profit pre-medical registered student organization at the University of Minnesota. Our organization is made up of pre-medical students who are dedicated to becoming leaders in health care. 


What are the requirements and benefits of membership?

Visit the requirements/benefits tabs to read more about what is expected of MML members and how you will benefit from membership.


I am not sure if I want to go into medicine, but I am thinking about it. Should I apply to MML?

MML is specifically geared towards students who know they are going to be applying to medical school. There are plenty of helpful student groups that can help you decide whether or not medicine is for you, such as AED or Pre-Med AMSA. The Health Careers Center can also help you explore a career in medicine. However, if you do decide that you will be applying to medical school, we encourage you to apply to MML. Our selection process is geared to only the most devoted pre-medical students. 


Why is there an application for membership?

MML isn't like most pre-medical student groups. We require all members to actively participate the group (this includes attending all meetings, planning and attending events, volunteering etc). We also want students who are highly motivated and dedicated to making a difference on campus, in the community, and abroad. 


When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for this current cycle is Thursday, November 1st at 11:59 pm. You can find the application under the 'Join MML' tab.  Check back during Winter Break for the Spring cycle application deadline!


I submitted an application to MML, when will I find out if I was accepted?

After submitting an application, applicants may be invited for an interview. Interviews will take place November 3rd. Interviewed applicants will be notified of their decision on Monday, November 5th. First meeting that new members will attend is Sunday, November 11th.


Is there a membership fee for MML?

There is a one-time $20 fee due your first semester of membership. Each subsequent fall semester, you will be required to pay $20 to stay an active member. 


I still have questions.

If you still have questions, please contact mml@umn.edu and we will be happy to answer your questions.