Minnesota Medical Leaders

Constitution and Bylaws


As Amended on September 8th, 2019


Surbhi Sarup, President

Vighnesh Suresh, Vice President of Communications

Maria Scanlan, Vice President of Experiential Learning

Queen Nwaudo, Vice President of Finances

Tori Rogness, Vice President of Member Development

Tyra Swanson, Vice President of Inter-Relational Development

Joe Jung, Vice President of Public Relations

Michael Dahl, Vice President of Recruitment


Minnesota Medical Leaders


Developing values-based healthcare leaders by bridging the gap from ambition to action.


Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for pre-medical students to develop leadership skills through

teamwork, support networks, and service engagement.


Core Values


Social and Self Awareness

Growth and Development

Intellectual Curiosity

Applied Learning




Section 1: Name

This organization shall be known as the Minnesota Medical Leaders, hereafter referred to

as MML.


Section 2: Abbreviations

A. The preferred abbreviation for the group is “MML”.




Section 1: The Organization Shall be Composed of:

A. Not more than thirty-five (35) undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota.

1. With regards to the member count following spring semester application cycles, members who expect to graduate from the University of Minnesota immediately following that semester do not count towards the thirty-five (35) member cap.

B. All undergraduate members must be registered for a minimum of six (6) semester credits and in good academic standing.

C. Upon admittance to MML all members must be intent on pursuing a M.D. or D.O. degree and a career in medicine.

1. If a member’s professional aspirations should change after their admittance to MML they may remain a member with full rights, but are expected to understand that their professional interests will be subsidiary to those of other members.

D. Alumni members may remain active with the organization but will not have voting rights.

E.  Applicants enrolled or matriculating to a University of Minnesota 4+1 undergraduate/graduate program may continue to be a MML member for the final 5th year of their college education. Approved examples include the UMN School of Public Health’s Accelerated 4+1 BA/MPH program.

F. Applicants enrolled within combined BA/MD programs will not be eligible to apply for a position in MML.


Section 2: Obtaining Membership

A. Undergraduate students in good standing may apply for membership in MML once they have completed 13 graded credits at a post-secondary institution.

1. AP or IB credits do not count towards the 13 credit requirements.

2. PSEO, College in the Schools (CIS), community college, or equivalent credits earned during high school do not count toward the 13 credit requirement.

B. Applying for membership

1. Potential members must:

a. Have a GPA of 3.3 or higher.

b. Submit an Application for Membership into MML by the deadline indicated on the application.

c. Have 3 or more full fall or spring semesters left as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities following the semester of acceptance to MML.

d. Have gained medical-related experiences that confirm the intent to pursue a career in medicine.

e. Must be able to satisfy all the duties of being an active member in the group.

2. The application process will be completed no more than three times annually.

3. The Admissions Committee shall review every application.

4. If denied admission, a student may re-apply in future application cycles.

5. Members shall be inducted into MML at least a month prior to Spring elections. Immediately after their induction, members will be able to accept nominations for officer positions.


Section 3: Non-Discrimination

A. Membership in Minnesota Medical Leaders is open to all students without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, creed, marital status, sexual orientation or public assistance status.

B. No student shall have membership preference over any other due to the aforementioned factors.


Section 4: Vote of Confidence, Resignation, and Impeachment

A. Vote of Confidence:

1. At a regularly scheduled meeting, any member may call a Vote of Confidence upon any other member.

2. A mandatory Vote of Confidence shall be called in the following situations:

a. In any one semester any member has had any combination of more than two (2) unexcused absences from regularly scheduled meetings.

I. Excused absences include family emergencies, severe personal illness, or medical school interviews

Ii. Executive committee reserves the right to determine if an absence can be excused

b. Failure to be present for more than one hour of a regularly scheduled two hour meeting will be regarded as an absence. The executive committee reserves the right to judge individual circumstances on a case by case basis.

c. In any one semester, if any member has failed to respond to three (3) consecutive forms of contact from MML members, including but not limited to, emails, forums, polls, texts, and/or phone calls that request their response within 72 hours or by a date specified in the aforementioned communication pathways. 

d. Member is in violation of policies and regulations outlined by the University of Minnesota, as well as the local, state and federal authorities.


3. Any member not receiving majority votes in their favor shall be notified within 24 hours and subsequently put to a termination vote that will take place at the next meeting.


B. Resignation:

1. Resignation shall mean removal from MML.

2. A member shall be resigned and their office declared vacant by no less than a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present and voting at a regularly-scheduled or special meeting.

3. Upon the calling of a second Vote of Confidence according to the stipulations set down in Article II, Section 4, Part A, Subsection 2., the member will be automatically resigned from their position in MML. Extenuating circumstances, whereas such resignation will not take effect, will be evaluated by the President.

4. If the member is a VP and the resignation is confirmed, nominations for a successor shall follow immediately.

5. Any member who is resigned shall lose all privileges associated with MML and will not be subject to refund of any membership dues. All pending reimbursements to the member shall be made if such reimbursements are in accordance with MML policy.

C. Impeachment:

  • Member has failed to complete the responsibilities outlined by their position’s description on two or more occasions.

  • At a regularly scheduled meeting, any member may call for an impeachment vote upon any officer.

  • If the officer whom the vote is being brought against is present, an impeachment vote shall occur during the current meeting. If the officer whom the impeachment vote is being brought against is not present, that person must be contacted within 24 hours and an impeachment vote will take place at the next meeting.

  • An officer shall be impeached and their office declared vacant by no less than a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present and voting at a regularly-scheduled or special meeting.

  • Nominations for a successor shall immediately follow.


Section 5: Non-Competition Agreement


A. Any undergraduate officer (President or Vice President) member of MML that holds an officer position in another pre-medical focused organization must take a leave of absence from MML and resign their position (Article II Section 6 Subsection).

B. However, if there are no other active members who wish to run for that particular office, then that member may keep their officer position. 


Section 6: Resignation and Termination

A. A VP or Committee Chair may resign from their position after discussing their resignation with the President. If the President chooses to resign he must first consult the Executive Committee.

B. Any officer that resigns shall revert to the title of General Member.

C. Any member may terminate their membership in MML at any time. Any member that resigns shall lose all privileges associated with MML and will not be subject to refund of any membership dues. All pending reimbursements to the member shall be made if such reimbursements are in accordance with MML policy.


Section 7: Leave of Absence

A. During extenuating circumstances, or if seeking a leadership position in another pre-medical organization as an officer of MML, a member may request a leave of absence from MML.

B. The President may approve or reject the leave of absence. If the President requests a leave of absence it must be confirmed by the Executive Committee.

C. If rejected, the request may be overturned as outlined in Article II Section 3, or the member may remain active with or permanently resign from MML.

D. A leave of absence shall begin on a date agreed upon by the President and the member requesting the leave of absence, or from the time the member accepts their nomination in the other organization until the time that their position or nomination for a position in the other organization has ended, whichever is longer.

E. During their leave of absence from MML, the member will lose their voting rights, ability to attend MML meetings, and all MML member privileges.


Section 8: Dues

A. All members are required to pay $20.00 their first semester for general membership fees, unless they are able to demonstrate extreme financial need (as determined by the VP of Finance). There will be no pro-rating schedule.

B. All members are required to pay $20.00 at the first meeting of each fall semester for general membership fees, unless they are able to demonstrate extreme financial need (as determined by the VP of Finance). There will be no pro-rating schedule.

C. Failure to pay dues without proper financial need documentation will result in loss of membership status and benefits.






Section 1: Meetings

A. Meeting times and locations shall be determined at the start of the year and only changed to benefit the group as a whole.

B. A regular, formal meeting shall be held biweekly, on a day and time dictated by the President. Any deviation from the regular schedule shall be announced in multiple formats by the President at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the regular meeting time.

C. A special meeting may be called by the President at anytime or upon the written request of any five (5) members. At least forty-eight (48) hours notice shall be given concerning the date and time of the meeting.

D. Meetings shall be conducted following modified Robert's Rules of Order.

E. Quorum shall be at least two-thirds (67%) of the voting membership present.


Section 2: Attendance

A. Attendance is mandatory.

B. Members are allowed only two unexcused (2) absences per semester after which a mandatory Vote of Confidence shall be called (Article II Section 4 Subsection A).

C. Members are required to participate in three (3) extra (non-mandatory) events per semester. 

D. Under special circumstances, if a member must miss 3 meetings, they may participate in 4 non-mandatory events in order to remain in the group.


Section 3: Voting


A. Voting will be done by open forum debate of the vote, and by either secret ballot or verbal pass/fail.

B. Each undergraduate full member shall have one (1) vote.

C. A majority vote shall decide all general questions. A two-thirds majority vote of a two- thirds quorum is required for a bylaw amendment to be approved. A plurality vote is used for all elections.

D. The president may veto or pass the decision of any vote regardless of majority vote described above.

E. In the event that the presidential power described above is enacted, it can be overturned by a majority vote of a two-thirds quorum or a single member vote with the affirmation of the faculty advisor.

F. Any member can demand a secret ballot.

G. The President shall only vote to break a tie.

H. Any decision of a prior meeting may be overruled by a two-thirds majority vote of the active membership present and voting.

I. The president shall be allowed to make decisions for the group.

J. Any decision made by the president may be brought to a group vote by any one (1) member’s motion.




Section 1: Positions

A. Undergraduate members who are not VPs shall have the title and responsibilities General Member as outlined in Section 2 Subsection I.

B. If elected, the President and Vice Presidents shall have the titles and responsibilities outlined in Article IV Section 2 Subsections A-H.

C. Alumni members of MML shall assume the Alumni Member title and responsibilities for the duration of their association with MML.


Section 2: Duties of the Officers

A. The President shall:

- Preside at all general membership and special meetings.

- Appoint committees and serve as ex-officio (non-voting) of said committees.

- Assist the VP of Finances in the preparation of a budget for their term of office

- Carry out assignments and instructions to the office of the president.

- Act as a liaison between the group, the University, the media and all outside organizations including medical schools.

- Ensure that the mission and values of the group is being met and that all other officers are held accountable.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.


B. The Vice President of Communications shall:

- In case of the absence or disability of the president, assume the duties of the president.

- Ensure effective communication to all group members.

-Serve as alumni relations coordinator to plan events with alumni members and other medical school students

- Organize a meeting schedule for the semester to be verified by the President.

- Procure officer reports and committee reports from all officers and committee chairs and distribute these reports to all MML members twenty-four (24) hours before each biweekly meeting accompanied by a report of their own.

- Send out minutes to all members within 24 hours of group meetings and keep records of all group meetings.

- Keep up the Constitution and Bylaws, news blog on the website, and all other documents produced by the group.

- Keep a current list of active members and record the attendance of active members at meetings and ensure that this record of attendance is accessible to all members.

- Send group reminders (such as for meetings, events, etc) each week in a timely manner.


C. The Vice President of Member Development shall:

- Be responsible for meeting individually with each member of the group and discussing their future goals and plans.

- Help members develop the skills and experience necessary to successfully matriculate.

- Advise and coordinate orientation for new members.

- Provide a specific and detailed orientation plan for new members

- Send out guidelines for completing the mock AMCAS and AACOMAS applications to new members and help them fill it out if needed.

- Forward mock AMCAS applications to the VP of Experiential Learning for inclusion in the database.

- Assign MML and medical school mentors to new members.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.




D. The Vice President Inter-Relational Development shall:

- Have an exceptional understanding of the group dynamics in order to facilitate a cohesive foundation for MML and its members.

- Be responsible for off-campus member socials twice a semester.

- Develop methods to strengthen and secure the ties between MML's members through various apposite activities such as a sustained and ongoing event throughout the semester.

- Facilitate team challenges to help members develop trust and dependency among one another.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.




E. Vice President of Experiential Learning shall:

- Help ensure that group members are aware of opportunities available to them.

- Organize volunteer opportunities for the group to engage in

-Seek out experiential opportunities and organize presentations and tours for the group

- Be responsible for updating and adding entries to the Experiential Learning profile.

--Be responsible for updating and adding entries to the Medical Schools Profile.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.




F. Vice President of Public Relations shall:

- Be responsible for ensuring that the group is known and that its efforts do not go unnoticed.

- Promote MML and its activities to the U of M Medical School and Minnesota College of

Osteopathic Medicine.

- Help advertise special MML events around campus by all means necessary.

    - Photograph MML events and collect individual photos from other members.

- Make sure MML brochures are available at all times in the Health Careers Center, Advising Offices, Career Centers, etc.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.

 - Be responsible for updating website with current information and pictures of members 


G. Vice President of Finances shall:

- Be responsible for looking over the finances of the group and performing fiscal reports before every meeting.

- Set the budget for all MML events in collaboration with officers and committee chairs.

- Maintain the Minnesota Medical Leaders Foundation and associated CUFS account.

- Be responsible for collecting dues, applying for grants and investigating other funding opportunities.

- Schedule and attend all pre- and post-event meetings for any grants received from the Student Activities Office.

- Submit Employee Expense Worksheets for reimbursement funds.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.




H. Vice President of Recruitment shall:

- Ensure our participation in all activities fairs and advertising opportunities.

- Oversee the application and interview process, answer applicant questions about MML, and chair the MML Admissions Committee.

- Encourage applications to MML by visiting classes, producing brochures, handouts etc.

- Form an application review committee to be chaired by the VP of recruitment and utilize the application review rubric.

- Contact potential applicants with information and deadlines.

- Notify members of acceptance or denial into the group within two (2) weeks of the application deadline with reasoning behind decisions.

- Maintain a database of all names and emails of those who have expressed interest in MML.

- Submit an officer report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.




I. General Members shall:

- Be responsible for taking roles in at least one committee.

- Help with the basic needs of the group, the President, and other officers.

- Volunteer to work at MML events such as activity fairs, seminars, and information sessions.

-Meet all attendance requirements of general members



J. Alumni Members shall:

- Act as a mentor to all undergraduate members of MML. They shall not have voting rights.


K. Medical School Faculty Advisor shall:

- Be a faculty or staff member of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

- Agree to their position and display a sincere commitment to MML and its members.



Section 3: Nominations

A. Nominations for all officers must be open at least two weeks prior to elections and shall remain open up to and including the beginning of elections.

B. Nominations may be brought by any member of MML.

C. Self-nominations are acceptable.

D. Nominations for President and Vice President positions may be accepted by active members that meet the following requirements:

1. Undergraduate member registered for at least six (6) credits.

2. Understand the responsibilities outlined by the desired position

E. Nominations for all officers shall take place at least one month prior to the end of the academic year.

F. In case of a vacancy of an officer position, nominations will be immediately opened and elections shall take place at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


Section 4: Elections

A. Elections shall occur at least one month prior to the end of the school year.

B. Officers shall be elected by plurality.

C. Officers shall assume the responsibilities of their position after a designated spring “change-over” meeting.

D. If a member runs for an officer position and fails to receive the plurality vote, the member may accept a nomination for a still undecided officer position (“waterfall elections”).


Section 5: Terms of Office

A. The President and all Vice Presidents shall hold their position for one year.


Section 6: Officer Committee

A. The officer committee shall consist of the President and all Vice Presidents.




Section 1: Procedure to Make an Amendment

A. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the President.

B. The President must present the amendment, in a conspicuous manner, to all members within fourteen (14) days of initially receiving the amendment.

C. Amendments to the constitution must be ratified by a two-thirds vote at a meeting where a two-thirds quorum is reached.

D. For an amendment to have ex post facto effects the implications must be made clear immediately before voting and a three-fourths majority vote with a two-thirds quorum is required.

E. In the event that meeting attendance is below the two-thirds quorum requirements, the president may pass or fail a vote, as described in Article III Section 3.

F. Amendments may be included only if they are in consonance with UMN regulations and policies. These must be filed with the University of Minnesota Student Activities Office.




Section 1: Creation and Dissolution of Committees

A. The Executive Committee shall appoint standing committees and their chairs that serve until their dissolution.

B. The committee may end their activity if a written petition is signed by all current members is filed with the Executive Committee.


Section 2: Committee Membership

    A. The committee shall consist of at least three (3) members.

B. A committee chair must be elected by a simple majority vote of all Executive Committee members.

C. A committee chair may be removed from their position by a majority vote of Executive Committee members.


Section 3: Committee Participation

A. A committee chair must attend all committee meetings and submit a committee report to the VP of Communications seventy-two (72) hours before each biweekly meeting.

B. Committee members may only be absent from one (1) committee meeting per semester or 25% of the committee meetings in a given semester, whichever is more.




Section 1: Finance Management

A. All payment rules and a yearly general operating budget shall be reviewed and passed by the second meeting of each academic year.

B. Finances are to be controlled by the President or presidentially-appointed VPs only.

C. Transfer of power controlling funds shall be done within one week after the new VP has been appointed.

D. All finances and financial records must be accurately presented within 48 hours of demand by any member.

E. Funds shall be accounted for with the utmost vigilance, any accounting errors shall supersede all group business and be dealt with within 48 hrs.

F. Refunds must be requested in writing and shall only be given with unanimous agreement between the President and VP of Finances.


Section 2: Non-Profit Status

A. The group shall operate as a non-profit organization, keeping the mission and goals of the group first and foremost.

B. The group shall only give money and/or gifts to individual members for the mission of the group. Healthcare and/or education goals and endpoints are supported by this clause.





Section 1: Adherence to University of Minnesota Policy

A. At all times the group shall abide by all University policies and local and state laws.


Section 2: Dissolution of the Organization

A. In the event the group is unproductive or no longer completing its mission this clause may be enacted.

B. A single member can enact this clause.

C. The enactment can be overridden by the President only.

D. The Presidential override can be overridden by a signed petition from the faculty advisor and five other members.

E. All remaining funds shall be donated to the following non-profit organizations according to the following proportions: Partners in Health 100%

F. Under no circumstance shall any funds be given to the University of Minnesota or any single person via this clause.

G. All materials of the group and records must be given to the Faculty Advisor(s).




Section 3: Suspension of the Constitution and By-Laws

A. The constitution and/or bylaws can be suspended by a three-quarter (3/4) vote of members present and voting.

B. A new vote must be taken with each issue that the suspension is requested for.