In Minnesota Medical Leaders, we strive to have all of our members participate in leadership positions. Each position has their own committee that is responsible for bringing their ideas to the table and assisting in implementing them into action.


Finance Committee - Responsible for assisting with how the group manages as well as directs funds through grants and fundraising.

Mateo Frumholtz, Matt Freeman, & Vivek Prasad

Department of Medicine Communications - Responsible for keeping physcian advisor communications strong while establishing new ones.

Sophie Vrba & Christine Loo

Large Group Events - Responsible for helping put on two large group events per semester focusing on topics related to our mission.

Ciana Keller, Norma Farah, Tori Rogness & Anna Stepanova

Shadowing Committee- Responsible for providing fulfilling opportunities to shadow doctors. 

Zakariya Hussein & Joey Buytendorp

Alumni Committee -  Responsible for keeping in touch with the alumni as they tackle medical school and life after college.

Katie Gravagna

Inter-relational Development - Responsible for providing events for our group to bond and have fun!

Yogi Posani, Surbhi Sarup, Norma Farah & Grant Kim

Webmaster - Responsible for maintaining and updating the website.

Tyra Swanson