Ben lueck  --  Alumni

Ben is a senior in the College of Biological Sciences pursuing a major in microbiology and a minor in Spanish studies. He researches in the Nielsen Microbiology Laboratory, works as a TA for BIOL 1009, and as a Nature of Life peer mentor. Ben volunteers at the HCMC Emergency Department, Fairview Oncology Unit, Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, El Colegio, Waite House, Vida Sana, and University of Minnesota Emergency Medical Services. Ben loves studying and learning about pathogens and disease, especially how cultures influence the path of diseases.

When Ben is not on campus, he enjoys spending time at his cabin fishing and kayaking.

What is the most meaningful experience you've had as a pre-medical student thus far?

"The most meaningful experience I had as a pre-medical student was the time I spent volunteering on a medical oncology unit. Before going, I expected to see many very sick people and my time with them to be very sad and depressing. My first day on the unit I had an extremely sick patient who had been receiving treatment for years tell me he was going to kill himself. I was shocked and had no idea how to respond. After I went home that day I was so so shaken I thought I would never go back. But I did, and to my surprise every day after that the patients lifted my spirits every time I was there. I had expected to be there for their support, yet it was quite the opposite. It seemed like they were helping the people around them cope with the treatment process. They all possessed this deep strength that I had never seen before. It made me think that maybe we all have this strength deep within us that we never find until we are truly tested. It helped change the way I see patients now. I used to think that doctors saw patients who were sick and weak. But now I believe that doctors work with these brave individuals who find strength and resolve that most of us don't, and rather than being strong for their patients, should stand strong with them."