Anna Stepanova - General Member

Anna is a sophomore student at the University of Minnesota working towards a major in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development, as well as minors in Public Health and Philosophy. She currently works as a surgery lounge aide at the University of Minnesota Medical Center and helps deliver updates to family members during surgeries. She also volunteers her time at the Mono Lab, which investigates clinical applications of the connection between the Epstein Barr virus and infectious mononucleosis.  


What are you passionate about?

Anna is passionate about making quality health care possible for everyone. Far too often do social determinants of health become deciding factors in the quality of health care one receives, and Anna's experience as a first generation immigrant has made this problem unfortunately apparent. Coming from rural Russia, where there were no hospitals or clinics nearby, she saw her family members struggle to manage illness due to a severe lack of resources and infrastructure. When Anna moved to the U.S. she was shocked at how easy it could be to manage those same diseases her family back in Russia suffered from. This inequity lit a fire in Anna, and she is committed to doing her part in bringing necessary medical care to everyone, and hopes to spend some time volunteering with organizations such as Doctors Without Borders after receiving her MD.