alec oleson -- General Member

Alec is a sophomore in the College of Biological Sciences majoring in neuroscience and genetics, cell biology, and development with a minor in leadership. He is currently a teaching assistant for BIOL 2002, and shadows in clinical and surgery settings in the neuroscience department of the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

In his free time, Alec loves to play his clarinet, especially Christmas carols and jazz tunes. He also likes to play video games online with his friends, and has a pretty awesome tie collection.
 What is a problem or issue in health care that you're interested in or would like to address as a physician?

"A problem in health care that I'd like to address as a physician is the lack of holistic healthcare. Improvements have been made in recent years, but I believe there is a dire need for a more holistic view as an approach to medicine in the attempts to heal patients."