Minnesota Medical Leaders is a University of Minnesota-based student group with a strong cause – to enable members to embrace their natural leadership qualities and use them in their daily lives. Committed to building leaders for tomorrow’s healthcare system, members will learn how to best demonstrate their aptness in the fields of academia, research, volunteer work, and interpersonal communicational skills. MML peers share their own research and volunteer experiences, mutually benefitting each other through exposure to the opportunities that are available on and off campus. Members will become actively involved in advocacy and leadership positions to prepare them for a future in medicine. A list of benefits such as mock AMCAS applications, interviews, leadership workshops, mentoring, and many more help members break down the next step in their lives – getting into medical school. 

Minnesota Medical Leaders was founded in 2006, when a small group of driven premedical undergraduates took initiative and chose the path to experience, knowledge and advanced preparation.

According to the AAMC, nearly 50,000 medical school applications are submitted each year, and medical schools are becoming increasingly selective and particular about their admissions process. The founders of MML kept this in mind when determining that the purpose of the group would be to prepare its members for medical school by seeking out all the answers that are so hard to find. Soon, their vision became a mission: to foster the growth of students with a serious and committed interest in medicine. Since our creation, we have made great strides in becoming one of the best pre-med resources at the University of Minnesota.  


Please feel free to explore our site, and contact us at mml@umn.edu for more information.